SEO- How Fast are Things Really Changing?

Even if you’ve been involved in SEO for quite some time, you may not feel prepared to gauge the speed at which things have changed over the last few years simply because you’ve been too busy. However, by taking a look back, you can both gain an idea of how quickly old SEO ideas have lost their sway in the past and how quickly things will be likely to change in the future. Continue reading

Google’s Tips on Optimization

Google is constantly experimenting with its search engine to determine the most profitable methods of providing both relevant organic search results and profitable PPC ads. Those working in SEO can certainly learn a great deal from keeping close tabs on any changes to SERPS in terms of what types of ads are running or who is advertising for certain keywords. Anyone working in search can be sure that all of the different changes that have taken place over the last few years have took place for a reason and were thoroughly A/B tested to measure up against conversion goals before being permanently implemented. Continue reading

Marketing and Reputation Management in the Digital Space

The evolution of internet has completely transformed the way business is done. Gone are the days of brick and mortar stores and archaic means of advertising. Marketing has invaded the digital space and competition is getting serious with each passing day. Infact, India ranks third when it comes to the growth of small and medium enterprises, across the globe, after the United States of America and the United Kingdom.
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Understanding Google’s Manual Actions Page

Some webmasters and website owners experience penalties and demotions on their websites because of Google’s strict guidelines and complex algorithms in their pursuit of proving their customers with the right information that they are exactly looking for in their search activities. However, sometimes these guidelines are often unseen and are not followed by most websites. This gives these websites the results of being penalized by Google or worst being completely taken off their search engine results pages (SERPs). For marketers and website owners, these kinds of action and penalties have a large effect on their website’s visibility and traffic which then directly affects their website’s revenue and profit. Google understands this and gave websites the option and chance to correct the activities in their websites that resulted in manual spam actions. Continue reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Web Design for Your Surrey Business

As a business management student, I have designed brochures, setup online portals and tried my hand in web designing. These were mainly for my online marketing projects, for which my knowledge and skills were sufficient. I believed that web designing was a piece of cake, and it did not take you to do a course or a degree on web designing to develop a website. Continue reading

Top 10 Tips on SEO for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms that can be used by most bloggers from all around the world. A website can be created on WordPress platform. Many people are interested to use this as their favorite platform. You can use WordPress to design your own website easily. Designing your site with this platform is very simple. You can also promote your websites with proper SEO campaign. This article has top 10 tips on SEO for WordPress. You have to follow these tips if you want to improve your website performance on the search engine.

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RSS feed for SEO

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary (often referred to Really Simple Syndication). It`s a defined standard based on XML with the main purpose of gathering and delivering information and updates of web based content. Website owners attach RSS feed to contents on their website to which, later,  web users, if interested to follow updates on this content, can subscribe to feeds. Nowadays a great number of websites offer RSS feed subscription. Whether a website offers the option for subscription can be easily identified as an orange square with a broadcast motif, usually on the top of the web page.

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12 Steps To Get Your eCommerce Site Ready For Holiday Season

Whether you’re a new online retailer or you’ve been there for several seasons already, you know what the festive season means to your business. Nearly 2 to 4 dollars out of every 10 dollars you earn in a year comes from festive sales. It’s festival time again – gird up and get your store ready the right way! Continue reading

Improve On SEO by Investing More

Four reasons why you should spend that money

The penguin update now having the greatest impact on small business websites is one of the interesting changes made by Google this year. After so much speculation, Google has made the right move to introduce panda softening which in turn has boosted webmasters traffic in August. It comes as a bit of surprise considering that a lot of websites faced a dip in their rankings. Continue reading