Understanding Google’s Manual Actions Page

Some webmasters and website owners experience penalties and demotions on their websites because of Google’s strict guidelines and complex algorithms in their pursuit of proving their customers with the right information that they are exactly looking for in their search activities. However, sometimes these guidelines are often unseen and are not followed by most websites. This gives these websites the results of being penalized by Google or worst being completely taken off their search engine results pages (SERPs). For marketers and website owners, these kinds of action and penalties have a large effect on their website’s visibility and traffic which then directly affects their website’s revenue and profit. Google understands this and gave websites the option and chance to correct the activities in their websites that resulted in manual spam actions.

Viewing the Manual Actions Page in Google Webmasters

Marketers, website owners, and webmasters undergo three easy steps to view the manual actions in the Google webmaster tools. First is that of course, they have to go to the Google Webmaster Tools website. After that they should head on to the Webmaster Tools Dashboard. On the Webmaster Tools Dashboard, select and click the Search Traffic option. Next, webmasters and website owners should click on the Manual Actions option. After that webmasters and website owners can see if there are any parts of their websites that has received manual actions from Google. They can also see the specific actions that Google recommends them to do to undo the manual actions undertaken on their websites. After webmasters and website owners have assessed and fixed the problems that Google found on their websites, they can now click on the Request a review option. This feature allows webmasters and website owners to appeal to Google for the reconsideration of their websites and thus result to lifting their penalties and restoring their website’s traffic and page rankings.

Information in the Manual Actions Page

There are various information that website owners can see in the Manual Actions page of the Google webmaster tools. For instance, the effects of the manual actions are categorized to either site-wide matches or partial matches. Effects that are classified as site-wide matches are those that have an impact on the entire website. These are manual actions that gravely affect the whole website and its full operations. On the flip side, the partial matches’ effects are the manual actions that are classified to have an effect only on a part or a specific section of the website. For instance, the manual action classified as a partial match affects only the specific webpage of the website and thus the penalty would only apply to that specific webpage and do not affect the website’s ranking and traffic as a whole.

Several information are also included in the manual actions page. These are the Reasons and the Affects. The reasons are the factors that made Google conduct and apply the manual actions on the website. These are the basic reasons why the website has received a manual spam action. Examples are violating a specific guideline in the Google Webmaster Guidelines. The second one is the Affects. These are the types of information that give webmasters and website owners the details on which parts of their websites are mainly affected by the manual actions that were applied to their websites. However, the affects page is only limited to show until 1,000 URLS. This means that if a certain manual action actually affects more than 1,000 URLs Google will only show the first 1,000 URLs that are affected. Indeed the Manual Actions Page proves to be a very helpful and useful tool for both online marketers and website owners.