Marketing and Reputation Management in the Digital Space

Internet has revolutionized business processes. Gone are the days of brick and mortar stores and antiquated forms of advertisement; marketing has now taken to digital spaces and competition is fiercer than ever – India currently ranks third globally in terms of small and medium enterprises growth (behind only the U.S.A and UK).

Internet Marketing has experienced a remarkable transformation due to the Internet’s rise. Small and medium enterprises today often opt for this form of promotion as users spend increasingly more time online without much control over what appears online; as brands it is essential that we present an image online that promotes credibility of our brand or else negative word of mouth could damage business interests. Internet Marketing is considered a more efficient form of promotion as its target market can easily be identified; some key elements include:

SEO: Sophisticated search engine optimization strategies can be an integral component to creating an online presence and informing customers about your offerings. An effective SEO plan aims to achieve top search engine results rankings while simultaneously increasing website traffic – thus increasing revenue streams.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be an ideal way to market your brand and business, allowing you to reach specific audiences based on the nature of business. Controlling geographical scope as well as scheduling times of ads puts PPC campaigns under your own power – they can turn website visitors into customers by targeting relevant keywords and demographies for maximum effect.

Email Marketing: While email marketing may have lost some ground to social media in recent times, it remains an effective and efficient method of direct internet marketing. Email can keep customers up-to-date about a company’s latest offerings, events or policies through a regularly scheduled newsletter, ensuring customer retention.

Social Media is one of the latest and most innovative forms of online marketing techniques available, attracting approximately 70% of customer traffic across various social media sites. Businesses are still taking advantage of its untapped potential; even though social media may not directly lead to sales or leads, it remains an effective medium for building brand equity and credibility.

By sharing relevant and shareable content across various channels, content marketing helps establish authority online as well as brand building and adding credibility. The more relevant and shareable your content is, the greater its visibility online will be for your brand.

Most enterprises have utilized some or all of the above internet marketing strategies, but for optimal results it’s necessary to implement an integrated approach. All functions working together ensure an all-encompassing plan that contributes greatly to building brand equity. Alongside internet marketing strategies it would also be wise to utilize Online Reputation Management Services.

Online Reputation Management Services

Online Reputation Management protects you from negative endorsements and reviews online and monitors your reputation on the internet. It effectively handles dissatisfied customers or any unfair competitors. Generating positive word of mouth buzz for your brand is the primary goal of online marketing and Online Reputation Mangement is designed to do exactly that.

About Author: The author works for Internet Marketing in Delhi and streeses on the need for Online marketing and Reputation Management in today’s changing business paradigm.

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